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Endorsements and Recommendations for Pastor Nick & You Can Prophesy.

Nick Watson’s ministry has been a tremendous blessing to our lives and ministry. Outstanding miracles, signs and wonders took place in our church during his ministry time where people with chronic shoulder, back and leg conditions were healed instantly. Others with severe migraine and mild depression were delivered and some with diabetes and high blood pressure were also cured. These are but some of the many testimonies we have received as a direct result of Nick’s ministry. In addition to his healing ministry, Nick’s prophetic word is not just accurate but it is undergirded by a strong apostolic impartation. In the last two years, much of what Nick has spoken over our lives and ministry has come to pass. We are eagerly awaiting the imminent manifestation of other prophecies Nick has declared over us as a church. I highly recommend Nick Watson’s ministry and I know that the fruits and impact he’ll bring will be an eternal attribute to the power of God.

David K. Vaka
Apostolic Leader of Breakthrough International
Apostolic Team Leader of Pacific Global Apostolic Network (PGAN)
Image of Ps. Timothy Jack

Pastor Nick Watson has a long history of serving the body of Christ as a prophet and a pastor.
He is a compelling communicator and a prophet of rare insight and great accuracy.
His understanding of prophetic ministry has been birthed out of lifelong study and research.
His speaking and writing on things prophetic is in the ‘must-hear’ or ‘must-read’ category.
I gladly endorse Pastor Nick Watson to you.

Ps. Timothy Jack
Director of Ministries
Apostolic Church Australia

Nick has been conducive to ministering in our Church and to the leaders in a variety of program styles and been operational in the Spirit regardless. Nick ministers Gods Word accurately in preaching and prophetic as well as operating in other spiritual gifts like words of knowledge and healing. One notable healing was a truck driver suffering a stiff painful shoulder. As Nick prayed the pain subsided and after prayer the shoulder proved to not be stiff any more. Nick also has compassionate ministry for the hurting and grieving that facilitates him to embrace souls to walk on and through. He has a rich and wide ministry that expresses Gods heart to Churches and individuals.
Image of Dr. Shaun Marler

It gives me great pleasure to recommend to you Prophet Nick Watson. The reason I say prophet, is that even though Nick is a seasoned senior pastor of over 30 years, he was introduced to me as a prophet. I gave Nick my telephone number, so that we could keep in touch and pray for each other’s churches. Pastor Nick rang me and told me, that God had been speaking to him about my church and ministry. The Lord had given Nick a word and Nick had taken the time to type out that word. I can honestly say that when I went and fellowshipped with Nick, he delivered to me an extremely accurate word, that was so pertinent to the season that I and my ministry were facing. Let’s just say he nailed it. This word was such a blessing and encouragement to my life, that Nick and I have now become personal friends. I have had Nick minister for me and I have also ministered in his church. Nick is a man of integrity, a man of the spirit, and has a strong prophetic gift in his life. Through his years of pastoring, he has much to add from teaching the general congregation through to proven leadership keys, for senior leadership. I have no hesitation in recommending pastor Nick’s ministry to you and your church. If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitated to contact me.

Dr. Shaun Marler
Senior Pastor
World Harvest Ministries