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I have known Nick for a number of years and hold him in high regard concerning the prophetic ministry. I believe Nick has written a winner here, he has hit a ‘Home Run’. I love practical, down-to-earth teaching.
~ Col Stringer

Chapters 7 and 11, in and of themselves, are worth the price of the book in helping us to understand the variety of ways God speaks and, then, how to rightfully divide the true and the false.
~ Marc Dupont

This book is a gift to the body of Christ written by one whose prophetic integrity is well known. Thank-you Nick – Australia has been waiting for a book like this.
~ Katherine Ruonala

This book is greatly beneficial to the novice as well as the seasoned prophet. I highly recommend this book to the global church.
~ Royree Jensen

It is brilliant. A prophetic resource that is so needed. Easy to read, love the stories, the honesty and so much amazing truth. Honestly Nick it is great, really great. I think it is a winner. Such practical insight.
~ Lynette Tobin.